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Cessna 120

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Our Cessna 120 N3085N is a 1947 Cessna 120. N3085N aka “The 120” She was totally restored a couple years ago and she is beautiful! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]    85 horsepower, two seats and a clean basic VFR instrument panel is all that’s needed! She is immaculate, a pure joy to fly and will test your piloting skills. Finding your way with a map, a compass, Read more…

Flight reviews ACE Basin Aviation South Carolina flight school
Flight School

Flight Reviews

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Flight reviews done the right way Every pilot need flight reviews to stay proficient. BFRs are supposed to be fun! We welcome flight reviews from all pilots! Preferably in the type airplane they fly the most. So, bring your airplane! For those without a tailwheel endorsement, it would be a great opportunity to fly the Luscombe or the Cessna 120 and add a tailwheel endorsement along with Read more…

Vintage airplane Cessna 195 Ace Basin Aviation
Flight School

Our Planes

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Vintage airplanes We love vintage airplanes because they have a soul. We offer very unique experiences. The first, a 1942 Boeing PT-17, better know as a Stearman. This is truly an opportunity to step back in time and experience flying the way it used to be, in a World War II open-cockpit bi-plane. This plane started its life on June 3, 1941. On May 9, 1942 it Read more…

Flight School

Spin Training & Basic Aerobatics

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Spin training and basic aerobatics Spin training and basic aerobatics is when fun becomes really fun! Earn your Ph.D today! You will often hear that aerobatics is your PhD. of flying. We agree! If you can control your aircraft at both critical airspeeds in unusual attitudes, indeed it would have to make you a better pilot. We offer spin training as well as basic aerobatics. Spin the Read more…

ACE Basin Aviation Tailwheel training and Endorsement
Flight School

Tailwheel Training & Endorsements

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Quality tailwheel training We specialize in tailwheel training. This is all we fly all year long! Get your tailwheel endorsement! Most pilots will require 8 to 12 hours of dual instruction to achieve proficiency as you will experience all aspects of tailwheel flying. Awaken your feet and get your tailwheel endorsement! It’s not hard, it just requires proper training and lots of practice. First we’ll introduce you Read more…

Stearman Flyovers ACE Basin Aviation

Event Flyovers

Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Event flyovers Let us perform flyovers during your events. Enjoy the show. Birthday parties with candy drops from the plane is one of our favorites, location and FAA regulation are the deciding factor when planning these events. Flyovers during holiday events are always well received especially during Military Appreciation Day and Memorial Day. Give us a call and we’ll make it happen! CONTACT US  


Corporate events

Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Corporate events Take your employees during corporate events for an airplane ride. Treat your employees with the gift of flight. Corporate parties and open house events present a great time to take employees and family members up for a short 10-15 minutes vintage airplane ride. CONTACT US



ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Airshow short hops Wanna for a short hop? We book festivals and air shows for static display and ride hopping on the east coast. We would love for you to join us for a “hop” in one of our planes. CONTACT US  

Flight School

Ground School

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation The Real Way. Ground school One on one ground school. Learn in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer a private classroom that’s designed to accommodate all your individual needs. We provide a wide variety of teaching aids, and study materials for you to learn. Brief before and de-brief after each flying lessons. We provide you with an up to date learning environment while focusing on the most important aspect of aviation, Read more…

Flying lessons Stearman ACE Basin Aviation South Carolina flight school
Flight School

Flying Lessons

ACE Basin Aviation Experience Aviation. The Real Way. Flying lessons Spend the day with us for some flying lessons. We specialize in tail wheel training in a Luscombe 8E and Cessna 120 for private and commercial pilot certificates. A Citabria 7KCAB, a Stearman and Cessna 195 are also available. Our schedule is designed to accommodate your individual needs. We also welcome teaching you in your own airplane if you prefer. CONTACT US