Professional pilot services

We provide professional pilot services for your aircraft purchase, ferry and transition training for tailwheel airplanes.

An invaluable experience.

If you are interested in vintage airplanes like Boeing Stearmans, Cessna 195s or Luscombes, Champs, Cubs, Citabrias, and Cessna tailwheels… We can help you!

Inquire regarding other aircraft make and models.

Aircraft ferrying / Transition training.

$500/Day + expenses* during ferrying / flying / training in the airplane.

$200/Day + expenses* during commute to and from airplane location / while NOT flying.

*Expenses: Airfare, food, lodging, car rental and expenses related to the flight/mission.

Airshows and Special Events.

Contact us and we can discuss your needs.

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Prices may change at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. ACE Basin Aviation accepts Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards. Inquire about other forms of payment.