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Tailwheel Training and Endorsement

We specialize in tailwheel training and endorsement. This is all we fly all year long!

What does it take to get a tailwheel endorsement?

Most pilots will require 8 to 12 hours of dual instruction to achieve proficiency as you will experience all aspects of tailwheel flying. Awaken your feet and get your tailwheel endorsement! It’s not hard, it just requires proper training and lots of practice.

First we’ll introduce you to the airplane you’ll be flying and brief you about the flight lesson. Then we’ll go work on stick and rudder skills at altitude. Roll around a point, slow flight, steep turns and stalls are on the menu! Getting used to the airplane in different configurations, knowing its flight envelop and how it responds is very important as it will get you ready for the next step, make you feel comfortable and build your confidence up.

Second, you will practice take off and landings at the airport. This is a big chunk of the training as many different scenarios need to be covered! From three points and wheel landings to crosswinds, slips, soft and short field take off and landings. You will hone your skills on big paved runways and then we’ll take you into ever smaller grass strips. While challenging it is also very rewarding.

Ultimately, it will make you a better pilot because you have to “fly the airplane” at all times! You will discover another aspect of aviation outside airports and controlled airspace. 

We provide tailwheel dual instruction in our Luscombe 8E, Cessna 120, Citabria 7KCAB, Cessna 170BStearman, Cessna 195 or in your airplane(s) too! Our instructors can provide training tailored to your needs as long as it’s a taildragger…

So come on out and earn your tailwheel endorsement with us!

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