We offer very unique aviation experiences:

The first, a 1942 Boeing PT-17, better know as a STEARMAN. This is truly an opportunity to step back in time and experience flying the way it used to be, in a World War II open-cockpit bi-plane. This plane started its life on June 3, 1941. On May 9, 1942 it was assigned to the U.S. Army Flying School – Main Base in Montgomery, Alabama, were it was used as an instrument trainer. On June 4, 1942 the airplane was assigned to the C.P.S. (Contract Pilot School) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At the end of that assignment she had 264.3 flying hours. Her military career ended June 8, 1945. She has been restored several times since then and now can be seen giving rides over the ACE Basin and at air shows and festivals.

We also offer sight seeing air tours in a 1949 LC-126, better known as the Cessna 195. In her day, she was known as “The Business liner”, carrying businessmen around the country. Production of these aircraft began in 1947. Today, less than 282 Cessna 195s are still flying worldwide. We can take up to three passengers at a time.

Primary Flight training is accomplished in a Luscombe 8E and/or a Cessna 120. 

Some say a Luscombe is a hard plane to fly… We differ! A Luscombe, is a great airplane with positive handling characteristics, which makes it a good airplane to learn to fly in. If you learn to fly a Luscombe you can transition to any other single engine airplane with ease.

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